Elevate your business to the throne you desire by fueling it with the right digital marketing strategy


Throne is determined to help you comprehend the significance of digital marketing and realize how considerably your business can benefit from its use. As digital marketing works differently for every business, we offer a customized approach for each client based on specific business needs and objectives. Our mission is to first listen and understand your dreams, goals and challenges. Thereby, identifying the right digital marketing approach that will bring your business the best results.


Marketing Strategy

Tailoring the right digital marketing strategy for your business

  • Evaluate an overall online marketing presence of your business using pre-defined criteria based on digital best practices
  • Establish a close alignment with your business in order to meet your needs
  • Obtain a clear understanding of your marketing goals and KPIs
  • Create a customized approach for choosing the most appropriate tactics (360º campaigns including physical events) to meet your business needs
  • Deliver a detailed plan of digital marketing activities

Marketing Execution

Running your digital marketing by focusing on your business

Following the completion of your digital marketing plan, based on the tactics identified as the best fit, Throne will handle end-to-end digital marketing execution including, but not limited to:

  • WEB content creation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Paid search (PPC)
  • 360° digital campaigns
  • Social media content creation
  • Social media accounts management
  • Social media listening
  • Social media analytics
  • Paid social media
  • Digital event platform management
  • Display Ads

Profile Management

Enhancing your personal brand to increase your reputation

  • Identification of goals and objectives of digital presence
  • Evaluation of an existing presence
  • Creation / reconstruction of a current digital appearance
  • Digital branding plan
  • Content creation and schedule
  • Social media accounts management
  • Identifying publishing and speaking opportunities
  • Social listening and analytics
  • Quarterly reviews and action plans


Exploring new avenues to expand your business

Evaluation of personal digital presence before training, 1 month after training and on a quarterly bases for 1 year with suggestions on what can be improved.

Face-to-face 1 day training enabling your team to utilize potential of social media in order to increase its sales revenue by establishing team members as thought leaders in the respected fields of business.

Training includes:

  1. Professional branding on LinkedIn and Twitter
  2. Social media sharing and engaging (Grapevine 6, PointDrive)
  3. Social prospecting and listening (LinkedIn Sales Navigator)
  4. Content creation for social media

Providing related content to the team in order to support their social media activities.


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Kristina Milenkovic

co-founder of Throne

Kristina Milenkovic, co-founder of Throne, was born and raised in Europe (Serbia), educated in the USA (Washington, DC) and has continued her career in the Middle East (UAE). Her Business Administration & Management major gives her an extensive education and ability to understand different departments of an organization. Previous experience in multinational entities, diverse industries (healthcare, wealth management, IT) and markets (USA, Europe, Middle East) made her understand unique identity of each business and need for a customized approach in solving its challenges.

After 3 years with SAP where she was responsible for Digital & Innovation Marketing across the Middle East and North Africa, her entrepreneurial spirit took her on a new journey. Identifying a lack of a proper digital marketing presence of SMEs in a region, she decided to take her knowledge, experience and relationships and establish a team of enthusiastic professionals who will help SMEs utilize huge potential of digital marketing in order to fulfilled its business goals.

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