To what extent has traditional marketing influenced the brand in the digital marketing era?


We all live in the digital age. As the world has evolved towards digitalization over the years, digital marketing has taken a leading role in brand creation.  You can find out more about digital marketing big win over traditional marketing here.

What we want to emphasize in this blog is that traditional marketing still has a great influence. Whether you are presenting your products and services at the exhibition, organizing an event or simply preparing a nice gift for your (future) business partners, traditional marketing can help you position your brand.

In addition to the pleasant scent of a new leather notebook that exudes elegance, the benefits of marketing through promotional material are multiple:

  • Design that can be tailored to your existing brand

It is up to you to imagine what you want. We can do whatever your imagination can spark. Whether you want a USB flash drive in the form of your logo or you want a sweatshirt with your logo, we are here to make a practical solution.

  • Selecting prints when making material that makes a difference

Quality printing is a synonym for our work. A perfectly designed pen with your logo and high-quality print is enough to catch someone’s attention at your first business meeting! This is a detail that only big players care about, are you one of them?

  • Strengthen existing relationships and build new partnerships through personal contact

Treat your business partners with a nice and useful New Year gift. Whether it’s a watch, a wireless charger for a mobile phone or something else – gifts are always a good choice for strengthening business relationships. If you need an idea which luxury gifts you can surprise your co-workers with – our team is always there to help.

  • Combine traditional and digital marketing

As an ideal blend of modern technology and a creative approach to tradition, you can print a QR code on your T-shirt that will easily direct online communication lovers to your site. An interesting way to connect innovation and the most classic way of advertising – right?

The key thing you should not forget about when choosing advertising material is that its quality and style determine how will those who receive it feel. Therefore, the choice of advertising material, design, creation and production should be left to a specialized agency that will guide you through the world of traditional marketing.

Throne agency offers you a large selection of promotional material (catalog) as well as a complete design and print preparation. Be ready to welcome the upcoming holidays and prepare your promotional material on time.

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